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Posey Heel-Elbow Protector

by Posey

Category: Wound Care

The  Posey Heel-Elbow Protector features a comfortable sock-like covering that helps provide comfort and helps protect against limb friction and shear forces. INDICATIONS: Patients requiring comfort or at risk for skin irritation.

Features & Benefits:

- Latex-free flexible stretch yarn helps minimize external friction and shearing on the skin
- Non-compression, expandable knit weave helps promote air circulation
- Sewn-in contoured soft-open cell foam pad located at the bony prominences of the heel and elbow
- Machine washable

Size Small:

- 6224S
- Fits small up to 8 1/2" circumference
- Quantity: 1 pr.

Size Medium:

- 6224M
- Fits medium up to 11" circumference
- Quantity: 1 pr.

Size Large:

- 6224L
- Fits large up to 13 1/2" circumference
- Quantity: 1 pr.

Size X-Large:

- 6224XL
- Fits X-Large up to 16" circumference
- Quantity: 1 pr.

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