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S9 Elite CPAP

by ResMed

Category: CPAP

The S9 Elite is the premium Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device in ResMed's S9 series.  It features user-friendly technology to enhance your breathing comfort and reduce system noise.  Designed for a more natural breathing experience, the S9 Elite's enhanced Easy-Breathe technology delivers whisper-quiet therapy from the device and the mask.  This means a more restful night for both you and your partner.  And with its sleek contours and compact size, the S9 Elite looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio. 


  • Expiratory pressure relief (EPR) adjusts pressure for maximum comfort
  • Climate Control maintains ideal humidification according to real-time environment
  • Easy-Breathe motor offers the quietest therapy available by reducing both conducted and radiated noise
  • Easy-to-use controls and color LCD make menu navigation simple and intuitive
  • SlimLine and ClimateLine tubes are exceptionally slim and lightweight, virtually eliminating tube drage
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

The complete S9 system comes with the S9 Elite CPAP unit, the enhanced H5i Humidifier, SlimLine performance tubing, an SD Memory Card, power supply and cord, disposable filter, and owner's manual, all in a convenient carrying case.

For additional product information, including more detailed technical specifications, standard and optional accessories, and enhanced pictures, click on the Product Detail PDFs located below, under Additional Resources.

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6"x5.5"x3.25"
  • Pressure: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Ramp time: 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)
  • Voltage range: 100-240V AC
  • Starting ramp pressure: 4 to min pressure
  • Sound level: 24 dBA
  • SlimLine air tubing: Flexible plastic, 1.83m, 15mm inner diameter
  • Housing construction: Flame retardant thermoplastic
  • Data storage capacity (display): 365 days summary data (500 events per session)
  • Data storage capacity (SD memory card): 365 day summary data; 30 day+7 night detailed data

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