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Thera-Med®: Headache Band

by Carex

Category: Pain Management

Thera-Med Headche Band helps relieve migranes, tension and sinus headaches and tooth aches.
According to the National Headache Foundation 73 Million Americans suffer from chronic recurring headaches and/or migraines. Researchers have found that cold treatment is shown to be effective in 50-60% of
headache sufferers.  Therefore we suggest using the new and improved Thera-Med Headache Band.  A great alternative or complement to narcotic treatment.

  • Patented Mirco-Bed Gel Innovation
  • Remains soft right out of the freezerEasily molds to the bodyReusable
  • Dual-Temp Technology
  • Soft blue fabric side for gentle cooling
  • Smooth white side for maximum cold
  • No need for towel or sleeve

Item Number:
2.5"H x 28"W x 0.5"D

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