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Mirage Micro Nasal Mask

by ResMed

Category: CPAP

The Mirage Micro makes (f)it easy. The latest generation nasal mask from ResMed provides personalized fit, seal and comfortable for more users. Working with the proven Mirage dual-wall cushion, the mask is unique MicroFit dial fine-tunes the fit to suit each individual user. Intuitive to use for sleep professionals and users, the ResMed Mirage Micro CPAP mask is the new benchmark in nasal masks.

Features and Benefits:

  • MicroFit dial fine-tunes fit to suit each user's profile.
  • Mirage dual-wall cushion is available in five sizes, including new Small size, to fit more users.
  • Deep mask frame design accommodates a greater range of nasal structures. 
  • Slender design for improved field of vision.
  • Vent design quietly disperses air.
  • MicroFit dial is easily adjusted with one hand, even while lying down.  
  • Fewer mask parts for easy cleaning and assembly. 
  • Comprehensive user support package includes travel bag and user guide with mask fitting and care instructions.

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