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Ultra Mirage Non-Vented Nasal Mask

by ResMed

Category: CPAP

Not designed for CPAP or bilevel use. ResMed's non-vented (NV) Mirage® mask series are specifically designed for use with ventilators with an active exhaust valve. Patients suffering from acute as well as chronic respiratory distress or failure. ResMed's Ultra Mirage and Mirage full face masks have earned a reputation for being easy-to-use, secure-sealing and comfortable.
These are all critical factors in ensuring patient/ventilator synchrony and effective ventilation. Features & Benefits Dual-wall cushion combines a secure seal with gentle comfort. This unique patented cushion floats gently on the face, reducing headgear tension, thereby minimizing pressure on the sensitive nose bridge.

Breath-O-Prene™ headgear improves comfort by minimizing moisture trapped between the skin and the headgear. Clear blue tint is a safety feature that distinguishes the non-vented masks from ResMed’s vented masks. Hypoallergenic, durable materials - polycarbonate frame and other high quality components add to patient comfort and extended mask life.

ResMed mask systems do not contain latex or neoprene. The Mirage NV Full Face Mask Series 2 offers all the advantages of the original Mirage NV Full Face Mask (Series 1), with some advanced features and design improvements to facilitate usage and performance.  Two cushion profiles - provide more fitting options in combination with mask frames; standard profile suits most patients; shallow profile particularly suits those with lower nasal bridges, high cheekbones or receded jaw lines. New polycarbonate luer lock caps - increase security and make them easier to use than conventional silicone caps.

5 attachment points between mask frame and headgear - enhances stability by reducing possible mask movement. Forehead stability arm - increases stability by reducing mask rocking, thereby minimizing the possibility of breaking the mask seal. Special cushion clip - securely fastens the cushion to the frame, adding strength, security and durability. Velcro adjustment tabs welded to straps - secures the tabs to the straps effectively and enhances the durability of the headgear. This mask is intended for non-invasive ventilation in the acute situation, particularly when mouth leak is a concern. As the Mirage NV Full Face mask covers both nose and mouth, it provides an effective solution for mouth leak, maintaining ventilation, especially at higher pressures.

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